Pull Apart a HDD

Introduction: Pull Apart a HDD

This is just a little trip through pulling apart a HDD. Have a look inside, and score a few goodies!

Step 1: Tools

1. Good screw driver set 2. A HDD

Step 2: Remove the Screws

Find the funny looking screw bit in your kit hook it up and remove the screws in the top casing. I'm using a T8 screw bit Don't forget the hidden one under the paper/plastic coating

Step 3: Taking Off the Lid

Now just go ahead and rip off the top. It's a little tough, I tried with my fingers but ended up putting a flat head screw driver in it and prying it open

Step 4: Remove the Magnets

Now, just get that flat head screwdriver under the magnet and rip it out. Now before you can rip the other magnet out there are a couple of things you have to do. 1. Remove more T8 screws 2. Remove the swing arm

Step 5: Removing the Disk

Did you say more T8 screws... Yup Remove the three screws in the top of the spindle. I found the spindle moving so shoving some pliers in to grip made it easier Tip the HDD upside down and shake it till the disk falls out. There one shiny disk

Step 6: Removing the Spindle

Unfortunately because of its casing, this HDD doesn't allow us to remove its spindle. However I do have spindles from other HDD's to show you!

Step 7: Remove the Board

Only 5 T8 screws stand between you and a disassembled HDD. Remove these and pile your loot!

Step 8: Loot!

After pulling all the bits and bobs apart here is what we're left with. Hope this helps you on your way! Thanks for viewing!

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    8 years ago

    I found this instructable after smashing up a old hdd with a hammer I guess I can still take out the magnets :-(


    9 years ago on Introduction

    "Unfortunately because of its casing, this HDD doesn't allow us to remove its spindle"

    Can I introduce you to my friend, Mr Dremel?

    I've salvaged spindle motors from 2.5/1.8" HDDs that were constructed "in place" by simply cutting out a square area around them, taking care not to hit any flex connectors. This gives you a plate to mount them on. It's only aluminium, and cuts really easy with a cut-off-disc.


    9 years ago

    As soon as you move the swing arm from track zero it will most likely never work again. This was more about seeing the insides, and reclaiming some sweet stuff!


    9 years ago

    Note : Unless done in an electronics clean room. The hard drive may never function correctly or at-all ever again