Introduction: Pull Back Car (based on Gzumwalts Design)

About: Hi there, I'm helping others learning Fusion 360 at the MotionLab in Berlin. I hope to find some likeminded people and interesting projects on this platform.

Hi there,

I used gzumwalts design and remodelled everything in Fusion360 in metric dimensions. I added a body made of three parts, so they can easily be printed flat on the printbed.

Feel free to use the files. Just share the results with me and the comunity here, o.k.?! ;-)

I optimized the parts for the printer I'm using (tolerances of 0,2 mm hae been added at several joints). Sliced with CraftWare, printed on Craftbot using PLA.

See Gzumwalts instructable for assembly instructions:

I use the little cars in my Fusion360 workshops that I host for free in a maker space here in Berlin. The Kids love it! I let them design the brims and a spoiler! The car-parts I print in advance and let them assemble them. After printing the parts they designed themself we do a little "race"! They have to make the car run just on the right spot in a row of number-sheets. The team that makes 20 points in total first wins! :-D

Best wishes

Eddel Beck