Introduction: Pull Up Counter

This is a quick guide on how to make an Arduino powered pull up counter. Checkout the video to see how it works.

Great for reaching personal bests for pull ups.

What you will need:

LCD - I used a basic 1602

UltraSonic - I used the 4 pin HC-SR04


Insulation tape

Arduino Uno.

Step 1: Wiring



If you are going to use my code, make sure the pin numbers match.

Step 2: Code!

See attached.

The logic behind the code is that when I am hanging on the pullup bar, the range is greater than 24 cm. When I pullup I am with in range and the pullup variable is incremented by one.

For a next release I want to add a high-score function using EEPROM but finding it tricky, any advice would be awesome.

Step 3: Tape That Sucker Up

Nothing to it, grab your insulation tape and attach the bread board to the pull up bar. Don't fret about the arduino, the wires are normally sturdy enough to keep it attached to the bread board.

Finally power it up with either your computer via usb or a 9V battery.