Introduction: Pulse Sensor With Bluetooth and Arduino

This projects aims to use the pulse sensor (which is easily available now) with arduino uno and Bluetooth HC-05 module, The pulse sensor is placed on the finger and it measures the heart rate and then sends the heart rate to android mobile via bluetooth device, There is no special Android app is required, any bluetooth terminal app will work perfectly. This project can be used to develop Wearable for mobiles or wrist watches.

Step 1:

A standard pulse sensor is used, i bought one from china and one diagram showing its pin configuration.

Step 2: HC-05 Bluetooth

An HC-05 Bluetooth module is used, since this modules gives and option of both master and slave. we can send data from android cell to arduino and from arduino to android

Step 3:

Bluetooth terminal app is used to communicate between android and arduino

Step 4:

Android mobile and Serial Monitor screen showing output of the sensor.

Attached Video of the project.

Step 5:

Attached code

open PulseSensor_wt_BT.ino

all the pin connections are explained in the code