Introduction: Puma Disc Repair

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Sorry for the bad English, I'm a simple French man, I speak horrible english.

So, a year ago I bought online these futuristic shoes made by Puma. Instead of laces, there's a cable that's mounted on a wheel.

The thing is, the cable once broken is not repaired by Puma or anyone... I had to do it myself.
Before beginning the repair I must warn you that it can harm yourself or complety destroy the shoe if done wrong.

Step 1: What You'll Need

These are pretty basic tools :

- cable cutter pliers

- Two flat screwdriver (a big one and a tiny one)

You'll also need some replacement cable, I used some from a badminton racket. It needs to be really thin and flexible but strong.

Step 2: Access the Bottom of the Furling

The first repair I did was because the cable broke. I decided to replace the one of the other shoe.

First, I cut the old cable.

I then, proceed to take the cable out of the shoe. Note the path that the cable take while taking it off. You'll need to put everything back together in the end.

Step 3: Push the Furling Out.

This is the delicate part.

Push the plastic part of the shoe all the way to access the bottom of it. Then, insert a big screwdriver between the furling and the plastic body.

You'll need with another screwdriver to push the "angle" part of the furling.

You can help yourself by inserting anotherr screwdriver on the top part of the body.

Step 4: Open the Furler

This one looks a bit like the previous.

With the help of a tiny screwdriver, carefully open the furler case.

First, get the top part out by insterning a screwdriver and turning it to "pop" out the top handle.

Watch out and do not take the "anti-comeback" part out.

Once done, proceed to take the furling wheel out by inserting a screwdriver between the bottom part and the wheel.

Step 5: Take the Cable Out.

Once you've taken out the wheel, take out the old cable.

In the same time look how the cable is installed. You'll have to put it back this way at the end of the repair.

Step 6: Put the Cable Back.

Now take you're new cable. Cut about 40-45cm and then proceed to put it back together.

Start by the bottom and watch out while putting it back in the "corner" part. They tend to get out if not tensed correctly.

Step 7: Put the Furler Back On.

This is the tricky part.

You'll need first to put back the bottom part and then insert the cable in the two holes made for it.

Next, take the the furling wheel and insert the cable in it. Watch out, there's only one way to put it on the bottom part !

Once done, you can put back the top part with the no-return system. Here also, there's a lens !

Finnaly, to put back the starry shaped wheel, user a magnet and be sure that it's placed in the right position with the top part.

Once evereything is done, put back the furling system together. Before putting it back into the bady, try furling the cable. It the cable is pulled great job ! If not, re-open it and verify that everything's okay.

Step 8: Put the Furler Back.

Final step !

Put the furler back and test it. If it works you're good to go ! Great Job !

Sorry for my lack of english, I hope that you'll make your shoes work again, good luck !

If you have any question or comment, ask me ! If you can help me with my English, tell me !