How to Make a Pumpkin Beer (Beverage) Cooler

Introduction: How to Make a Pumpkin Beer (Beverage) Cooler

My friend was having a pumpkin carving party and I though a pumpkin beer cooler would be awesome. This is take two since during the first one I didn't take photos.

This is also my first Instructable that I also threw together at the last minute.

I didn't wear safety equipment and paid the price with being covered in dust.

Please drink responsibly!

Step 1: Required Items

You will need:
- Large Funkin (or other fake pumpkin or even a real one)
- Sharpie
- Box Cutter/ Exacto Knife
- Dremel
- a Sanding Bit
- a High Speed Cutter Bit
- A 6 pack beverage of your choice
- A steak knife
- Safety Glasses and Mask 
- 6 Large Ice packs (or enough to fill the pumpkin)

Step 2: Cut Off the Top

Just like a real pumpkin, you have to cut the top off.

Step 3: Sand Lid and Rim of Pumpkin

Take sander bit on Dremel and sand the lid and rim of pumpkin.

Step 4: Decide on Design and Trace Onto Pumpkin

Decide on design using Word or just the beverage of your choice.

Then trace it onto pumpkin using an exacto knife or box cutter.

To make the beverage ports the right size, stand the sharpie up with the beverage and trace to get the bottle at the widest point.

Step 5: Time to Start Cutting

Now you are gonna take the Dremel with the high speed cutter bit attached and start in on the beverage ports

Then I take the sanding bit and make the holes bigger, once the hole is the size of the outline test with beverage.

Step 6: Load and Enjoy

Finally to the best part, load your newly created pumpkin cooler with beverages and ice packs.

Now enjoy your unique one of a kind cooler.

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