Introduction: Pumpkin Blocks

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We used alphabet blocks to create a fun version of a pumpkin!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Raw Materials:

  • Wood alphabet letter block & orange & green slim rectangular blocks
  • Plastic wire nuts, lamp turn switch, or something for a stem
  • Metal remnant from drawer pulls or something round like a button

Purchased or from personal craft stash

  • Hot glue gun/sticks
  • Crafting wire, spring from ball point pen, small diameter skewer on which to wrap crafting wire
  • Old lace remanent
  • Orange goss spray paint
  • Gold metallic craft paint or gold Rub n Buf
  • Small stiff paint brush
  • Long screws, floral or styrofoam, burnt umber or brown craft paint

Step 2: Block Pumpkins

Spray paint blocks orange. After they are dry, hot glue metal remnant or round object of your choosing to the top of the block. To paint the wire nut or turn knobs, lightly screw the items onto long screws, dip them directly into the craft paint, and set the screw end on the foam to dry. Once dry, hot glue the nut or knob to the top of the round metal piece. Decorate with additional black crafting wire, the old lace, or stretch a ball point pen spring to use a vine tendrils.

Step 3: ​Block Pumpkins With Green Stems

Hot glue the orange block to the four sides of the green block. Keep the blocks bottoms flat to keep everything square. Wrap about 10” or so of black crafting wire lightly around the skewer (about 1/8” in diameter), not too tight or you’ll never get it off. Find the center of the wire, place this on the back side of the green block & bring the two ends to the from, crossing & twisting them in front. The edges of the orange can be distressed with the same gold metallic paint followed by some dark distressing ink.

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