Introduction: Pumpkin Carving

Things you'll need:
1. Pumpkin of course
2. A big spoon
3. A pumpkin carving knife
4. A lemon zesting tool

*Carve a circle around the handle of your pumpkin and pull the "top" off.
*Using a big spoon, scoop out the guts.
*Carve whatever pattern you want making sure to leave enough of the pumpkin to hold your image you want for the middle. For instance, I wanted a skull so I only carved him where I wanted an outline and left enough so his skull wouldn't fall out. :
* Using your lemon zester, scratch the skin of the pumpkin off gently so you don't push your design in. (it turns out so cool when you put a candle inside) The zester adds depth and dimension to the carving!
*After you've got it how you want it, put a candle in it and see how awesome it looks.
*Most of all, HAVE FUN being creative!