Introduction: Pumpkin Chess Bored Cake

I am making a pumpkin themed chess bored cake. I love to play chess and I like to bake, and I thought sens you can do so much with a pumpkin so I thought that I could make cake.

Step 1: Ingredients for One Box

Read the instructions on the back of the cake mix box and use the measurements and ingredients on the back of the cake mix box.

Step 2: The Pan Size You Will Need

These are the measurements for the pan I used.

Step 3: Make the Cake Mix

Make the cake mix for each of the boxes and (optional) then you can add orange food coloring to the yellow cake mix.

Step 4: Lining the Pan

line the pan with parchment paper so the cake will not stick to the pan.

Step 5: Puting It Together

Cut the each cake after it has bin baked and cooled done. Cut the top of the cake off. cut the strips into 1 1/2 inches wide strips. Then place the strips like shown in the picture. So place the strips every other color like (1,2,1,2,1,2) 1 being for yellow and 2 for black. You should have 4 of each color and 8 total strips.

Step 6: Making the Sculpting Dough

This is how the pumpkin tiles. You need the top of the each cake that you cut off earlier and frosting and flour.

Crumble up the cake in a bole then add some frosting to the cake crumbles and mix tell combine. It should be a sticky dough. Then add some flour and mix. Do not add to much flour just add enough to make the dough less sticky. Do this for each of the cake tops. To role the dough just put a sheet of parchment paper no the counter then put the the dough you made on top of the paper the put another sheet of the paper on top of the dough and role it like that. Cut 32 (1 1/2 inch) squares each side is (1 1/2 inches) for each color. You should have 64 tiles total.

Step 7: Making the Eyes and Moth

Cut a small strip of each color and cut triangles like is shown in image 1, this is for the eyes. you should have 64 eyes for each color.

For the mouth cut a upside down trapezoid then cut 3 connected upside down triangles in. Like in image 2. You should have 32 of each color.

Step 8: Making the Face

Put the opposite color eyes and mouth on each tile like shown in the image shown.

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