Pumpkin Fire Pit

Introduction: Pumpkin Fire Pit

I decided to make a Pumpkin Fire Pit, I saw a pumpkin with a flame inside of it and that gave me the idea of a Pumpkin Fire Pit. Most people during Halloween sit on there driveway with a big fire pit roasting marshmallows waiting for the trick or treaters to get there candy. I wanted to use something Halloween related for the fire pit this year. Just follow my steps and enjoy making a pumpkin fire pit :)


- Large wide pumpkin

- Sharpie or any marking tool

- Sharp small cutting tool

- Tin foil

- Flat area to sit your pumpkin fire pit

Step 1: Gather a Large Wide Pumpkin

You want your pumpkin to be as large as possible and as clean as possible. You want your pumpkin to be large so you can have a decent size flame inside of the pumpkin. You want to have a nice sturdy base so it doesn't roll over if someone accidentally its it.

Step 2: Draw Outlines on the Pumpkin/where You're Going to Cut

You want to have everything planned out before carving into the pumpkin. Make a large circle around the top of the pumpkin so the flame is visible. Try to make the circle as neat as possible before you cut. when you finish outlining where you want to cut pumpkin grab a sharp small knife that can easily cut into the pumpkin. (Your pumpkin can be customized however you want it, just make sure you have a large whole cut into the top)

Step 3: Gutting the Pumpkin

After cutting the top off of your pumpkin you're going to want to gut your pumpkin, you can keep your seeds to make roasted pumpkin seeds. Dispose of your pumpkin gunk and move onto the next step.

Step 4: Line the Inside of Your Pumpkin With Tin Foil

You're going to line the inside of your pumpkin with tin foil to protect the pumpkin from the fire (This fire pit is not made to last, the fire will eventually effect the pumpkin.) The tin foil will also help provide extra heat. If your tin foil is not staying in place then you can use some thumbtacks with a flat top to hold the tin foil down.

Step 5: Find a Spot and Use Your New Spooky Fire Pit

Find a nice flat area to sit your fire pit (your driveway) and pt small sticks to start your fire and slowly add slightly bigger sticks into your fire pit. Have an amazing Halloween :)

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