Introduction: Pumpkin Hollow

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inadvertently concept I made Pumpkin Hollow has similarities with the phenomenon of a lunar eclipse this year.

concept Pumpkin Hollow I was burning the pumpkin back up into a hideous creature that is ready to haunt on Halloween night. into a pumpkin head with the tip of his rod into a deadly weapon. I created this hollow pumpkin and tebuat handmade from secondhand materials.


1. old newspapers

2. plastic bags

3. plastic rope

4. wood glue (to glue newspapers)

5. Aquaproof (to strengthen the surface to make it more elastic)

6. sponge (to eyes, nose, mouth & wedge head circumference)

7. glitter (to eyes, nose, mouth)

8. cable

9. Led lights (to eyes, nose, mouth)

10. pvc (to weapon grip)

11. markers (1, only take part in the liquid to be used as a weapon in the grip)

12. black spray paint

13. silver spray paint

14. 9v battery (1)


1. Cutter

2. Soldering with tin (to the eyes, nose, mouth & weapon grip

3. paint brush 1inc (to glue newspapers)

4. pvc saw

5. Hot glue gun (gluing parts and make accents winding stem)

Step 1: Create a Pumpkin Shape

1. newspaper into a ball shape, size approximately 30cm in diameter with a large head or adjust

2. then wrap with plastic bag

3. create a bond with the plastic strap to customize a form as expected

Step 2: Began to Form a Hollow Pumpkin

1. make wood glue and diluted for easy glueing newsprint

2. make newsprint into long strips (3cm wide and long length adjusting newspaper)

3. wet the paper using glue and paste on the base pumpkin shape

4. do to get the desired shape and wait for it to dry

5. create images of eyes, nose and mouth

6. then cut to an image

Step 3: Empty the Contents of the Flask

1. cut the plastic strap and plastic bag wrapping the basic shape pumpkins

2. remove the contents

(the purpose of wrapping the base pumpkin shape is to avoid the making of pumpkin that we make so as not to stick to the basic shapes to be easily removed and the flask was separated between the shape of pumpkins and pumpkin hollow base that we created)

Step 4: Dyeing and Stringing of the Head and Weapon

1. layered pumpkin using Aquaproof

2. after dry spray paint black

3 pairs of LED lights that have been strung together to bagiang head and connect it with a cable (as creeping stems) to the weapon. (for wire rod as if vines are wrapped around the handle of the weapon.

4. pairs of layers that have been coated sponge glue and glitter to the eyes, nose and mouth (do not forget a hole to see)

5. The other pairs to customize a sponge layer with a snug-fitting head circumference in order to use

Step 5: Good Luck

may be useful

if anyone wants to ask and images in a more complete contact me, I shall prepare a detailed step by step thank you

Happy Halloween

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