Pumpkin Jar

Introduction: Pumpkin Jar

I thought since the big day is so close I didnt want to start anything big but still wanted to create a little something which is where the Pumpkin Jar came up.  This is a small play on making a faux stained glass on the jar and then adding a little detail to "pumpkinise" the jar.

All you need is...
- Empty jars
- PVA glue or for those of you in the US would be Elmers
- Acrylic Paint (Orange, Brown and Black)
- Assorted paint brushes
- Egg tray
- Hot glue gun
- Light source like an LED tea candle

Now onto getting a little messy and having lots of fun!

Step 1: Faux Stained Glass

First off clean out the jars and remove all of the labels, also make sure you have all of the glue off the jars where the labels were.

On another note... Remember to air the jars out as there is nothing quite like getting a whif of pickles when starting this project, though it did make me hungry (beside the point but thought I would share!)

Time to make the faux stained glass mixture.

I used about a tablespoon of white glue to 1/2 teaspoon of orange acrylic paint.  Others say to water this down but I wanted to have more of a gritty uneven look to the jars as these are meant to be pumpkins not specialised fancy jars.

Brush the mix on the jars until you are happy with the look and find somewhere to let these dry.
The PVA will of course dry clear and will leave a nice thin coat of orange on the jar.

Step 2: Stalk and Lines

Cut a nub from your egg carton that has a semi stalk look to it and then whip out your gun!!

Hot glue gun that is!  And tack it down as best as you can.

Get a nice thin brush and paint a few lines down the jar for a little more of a pumpkin look while also painting the "Hot glued stalk"

Now you are left with your pumpkin jar! YAY!!  Nearley there...

Step 3: Face Painting

Now its time to show off your creative flair.

Get your small brush and black paint and go to town, make that pumpkin face you always wanted to do.

I even added a black line down the brown lines as another detail.

Once you have let the paint dry then put in your LED tea light wait until dark and see your pumpkin come to life!

I have found this to be perfect for your window sills or even to help light a cabinet of churiosity.  Please note that these are not best for outddoor use as the faux stained glass is not perminant and can be washed off.

Hope you have fun and let me know if you have made one yourself!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the heads up, I have a few more to play with so will definately give it a go