Introduction: Pumpkin Lantern

The idea was this lantern would cast a pumpkin shadow, but it didn't quite work out that way..


Aluminum beverage can
Small candle

Box cutter
Piece of wood

Step 1: Create the Lantern

* Using a box cutter, cut a small bumpkin shape out of an aluminum can. File if required.
* Then cut out the opposite side of the can as shown. Trim with scissors if required.

Step 2: Flatten Base of Can

Flatten the base of the can with a piece of wood striked with a hammer.

Step 3: Marvel at the Pumpkin Silhouette

Insert a small candle and light it.

The image projected onto the wall looked more like a bird than a pumpkin. Must have been distorted due to having the candle lower than the pumpkin shape. Found moving the candle out of the can produced more of a pumpkin image. Optics can be a bit tricky.

Step 4: Follow Up

Moving on from the disappointing pumpkin silhouette, I saw the back of the can was reflecting the light, but probably not optimally. Something about parabolic curves came to mind, where this shape reflects light in one direction. Found by adjusting the shape of the can a bit, more light was shone onto the wall.
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