Pumpkin Launcher

Introduction: Pumpkin Launcher

This is the pumpkin launcher instructable I hope you have fun making it.


for supplies you will need the following items

A 2 by 4 wood plank

A 1m wood stick

A ply wood board

A hammer

A drill

A saw


And a basket like object

Step 1: Cutting

Start by cutting the wood a meter long do that twice on the 2 by 4 after you’ve done that cut the squared parts of the the railing piece. Cut the remaining parts of the 2 by 4 to the same size as the cut railing part than Cut the plie wood in to a square that’s all the cutting for now.

Step 2: Drilling

Drill a hole in the wood planks you cut from the 2 by 4 just enough for the railing part to fit after drill a hole for the wood stick to fit in the railing part and drill you basket to your stick.

Step 3: Hammering

Start by hammering the railing part and stick to gather than hammer the extra parts we cut from the 2 by 4 and nail them in to the other 2 by 4 parts now we nail the bottom in to the plié wood base and nail your basket to your stick.

Step 4: Gluing

Once you finished building the launcher you need to add the main part of the launcher, the lever you are going to superglue the lever in the hole we made in the hinge and hammer a nail in the middle and we are done.

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