Pumpkin Rocker Radio



Introduction: Pumpkin Rocker Radio

Pumpkin Rocker Radio

Step 1: Parts Needed

First you need to resource old Panasonic RC-DC1 clock radio and speaker from a boom box. But really you can use whatever you really want these jut happened to be in the junk box.

Step 2: Removing the Internal Componants

Next you need to remove the receiver and control panel.

Step 3: Carve Pumpkin

Mark the location of the electronics and carve the pumpkin. I used a pumpkin about 14" tall and all of my cuts are made to ensure the pumpkin seals for good sound quality. The edges look ruff but it does seal up tightly plus my dad only let me use a plastic pumpkin carving knife.

Step 4: Installing the Electronics

Using some extra wire I attached the wires to the proper terminals going to the power and the speaker terminals.

Step 5: Attach Components

I then secured the components to the pumpkin and created a tight seal.

Step 6: The Pumpkin Radio in Action.

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