Introduction: Pumpkin Scarecrow Decoration

-This Project was made and writing by a 12-year-old.Saws were used by adults to cut wood. FYI I didn't know about this site until after I finished my project so sorry if there are no pictures. Category: Decoration. My mom was my guardian for the entering of this project.


-Scrap wood

-Pumpkin Head

-Dollar store cloth

-Black paint

-Red paint/Spray paint

-Drill/Hammer with screws/nails

-Saw- to cut wood the way you need it.

-Shovel to dig a hole

-Other decorations optional including lights.

Step 1: Get Wood!

The first step you do is get scrap wood from an old fence or the nearby dump. You need a couple of little pieces of wood and one big piece of wood. Line them up like a rib cage and see what format suits you best. Then screw/nail the pieces of wood to the long piece of wood. Then get tree roots for the arms or curved sticks.

Step 2: Paint

Step two is to paint. Get black paint and a tiny-medium size brush and dip it in the paint. Then spread the brush against a paper towel a few times. Next, paint the Pumpkin Scarecrow with not too much pressure so only a little paint comes off. Only paint the tiny-medium-sized pieces of wood, not the big spine piece! Then spray paint/paint the spine red fully. Then go over the spine with the light black paint and spread a little red on the tiny-medium size pieces for blood. The arms are included as well.

Step 3: Head and Clothing

For the head and clothing, I picked out a 17" pumpkin for my size Scarecrow. Obviously, you can choose and or make a smaller Scarecrow. Once you picked out the head then go to the dollar store for some scary cloth grey, black, or both. Next, you're going to want to lightly paint the pumpkin head with black paint to give it a creepy and scary effect. Then you going to want to create a wedge-shaped piece of wood and fit it on the back bottom of the pumpkin head so it looks like it's looking down. Finally spread the cloth around the pumpkin arms and body. Then you dig a hole for the right size of your scarecrow to fit and put it in and fill it back up. Lights are optional!!! You Can add decorations in the front for a more deadly look but it's optional.

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