Introduction: Pumpkin Video Projector

With the our current situation with the pandemic many people don´t feel safe going to the movies to watch a movie. So I thought of an idea, why not bring the movie theater to your house? And since its that time of year where everyone's in the mood for something spooky why not make something that is both fun and easy to make. Not to mention its a lot safer compared to going to the movies. This is a great project for kids or for a family. You can have the best movie night ever. Okay are you ready for this... yes? Alright then lets get started.

Step 1: Materials

  • A large pumpkin
  • crafting knife
  • Hot glue or duct tape
  • A magnifying glass
  • A box small enough to fit inside the pumpkin but large enough for the magnifying glass to fit through ( a dryer sheet box is best)
  • scissors
  • (optional) craft paint
  • large workspace
  • marker

Step 2:

To start off if your underage pleases make sure you have an adult with you to help you because you will be using sharp and hot materials.

  1. First go ahead and grab your pumpkin and cut out a circle on the top of it exactly on the stem (if underage please have an adult do this for you) start off by cutting the circle really small. ( keep in mind the hole has to be big enough for your phone to fit in sideways) if you have a larger phone feel free to cut out a square ON THE BACK of the pumpkin .

Step 3:

2. Now that you've cut out the circle you can now go ahead and take out all the seeds and mush from inside of the pumpkin, you will no longer be needing them. The reason for this is because we don´t want the pumpkin to start to smell.

Step 4:

Make sure to wash your hands after taking out the seeds because you don´t want your hands to be sticky. Alright now that you've done that lets move on. This is were you can start to be creative and have fun. Brainstorm the face or shape you want to carve out (remember the shape you cut out will be the shape the video will come out as). After grabbing the craft knife (with the help of a guardian) go ahead and cut out the figure you want.

(Tip if you have shaky hands or are not the best at cutting out figures trace the figure out on your pumpkin with a marker and wipe away the extra maker stains left behind)

Step 5:

Now that you are happy with your figure carved out we can start to work on the actual projector itself.

Go ahead and grab the magnifying glass and the box, this could result in a accident please get help of an adult take a knife or a pair of scissors and cut off the stick part of the magnifying glass. For the knife method just saw down the stick until it just comes off. For the scissors method place the stick in between the scissors and start to rotate the stick of the magnifying glass after a few turns the stick should pop off. Or if you have a lighter you can actually heat the stick and then rip it off with your hands. Now you should just have the circle part of the magnifying glass, put that to the side and grab your mini box (dryer sheet box) and your magnifying glass which is now a circle and trace it on the front side of the box and cut it out. The hole should be small enough for the glass to fit through but it should also big enough for you to be able to glue it in place.

Step 6:

Now that you have everything ready lets put it all together shall we. Grab everything you've worked on so far and lets make the pumpkin projector.

Grab your pumpkin and take off the (lid) aka the circle we cut off and place the projector inside of it and place the lid back in place. Or if you had to cut out a big square in the back just place the projector inside the pumpkin. Last but not least you can play your video, (the video MUST be upside down for the projector to work)

And now find yourself a bare wall and turn the lights off

And wallah.

(the camera doesn't pick up the video very well but the projector works best on a white wall)

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