Introduction: Pumpkin Volcano

I am going to be lighting cut up sparklers to create a very cool and very mesmerizing pumpkin volcano! I got the idea from a video where they lit a bunch of matches inside a watermelon, I wanted to have my own twist with a pumpkin so here it goes. I hope you enjoy!


For this project you will need.

A pumpkin(Rather Large), A lot of sparklers(how ever many you want or that can fit in the pumpkin), Carving tools or a knife and spoon, Some sort of lighter.

Step 1: Carve Your Pumpkin

Use your very fancy pumpkin carving tools or a knife and a durable spoon. Carve open a small hole on the top (where the stem is) of your pumpkin. A hole preferably big enough to fit your hand in it to clean out the inside. Side project is to cook the seeds that you have collected! Once you've cleaned the inside add any features you want.

Step 2: Cut Your Sparklers in Half.

Take the end where you hold the sparkler and cut where the wire and the black power meet. This is how you are able to fit more sparklers inside the pumpkin. This is also a good time to zip tie the together if you want to.

Step 3: Light the Spaklers

It is now what all of you have been waiting for... The show. It is time for you to light your pumpkin, I would recommend that you poke a couple "breathing" holes in the side of your pumpkin the flames from your sparklers can get the oxygen it needs to become a great fire. Also, it makes it look really cool.

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