Introduction: Pumpkin Painting - Witch

This 2nd instructable of mine for the Halloween Décor Contest is to hopefully give you more inspiration in your pumpkin decorating. See the Minion Pumpkin for my other entry.

Step 1: Where I Got My Inspiration

I got the inspiration for the pumpkin from the book “Witch Bazooza” written and illustrated by Dennis Nolan. This a fantastic book for children. In the book everything goes wrong for Witch Bazooza as she tries to decorate her home for the Halloween Decorating contest. Instead of creating pumpkin jack-o-lantern in her yard, up come beet, cucumber, and carrot jack-o-lanterns.

Step 2: How I Did It

I just free-handed the pictures in the book onto the pumpkin as I went, modifying the pictures to make them my own. Ok, more that I couldn’t draw them the same. But all credit must go to the author Dennis Nolan for the original drawings.

All three pictures are on the same pumpkin.

Due to the colors used and not sketching the drawing first I didn’t need to put on the base coat of Acrylic Gesso that is sometimes required. Depending of what book you copy from and the colors used you may have to use a base coat.

Supplies used;

various small paint brushes

Acrylic Paint - various colors, mix and match as needed. Basic colors used;

  1. Leaf green
  2. Black
  3. White
  4. Gray (mixed black and white)
  5. Apple Barrel (red)

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Step 3: How Long Due They Last?

This picture was taken January 16th, 3 months after it was painted. Still good and no sign of decay!

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