Introduction: Punching Bag From Unused Item

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Quarantine sucks. yea, I know. it's been a few days since I stuck at home, doing nothing. If I just lay in my bed it's not good, right? So I have to figure out productive things to do. So I decided to get up and see my warehouse. And there is some stuff I think I can recycle. Because why not?

From these things, I decide to make a punching bag. It's a double benefit! First, punching exercise with this bag makes you healthy and second, it kills your boredom.

Nothing more I can say, so let's hop into the process!


So here's the stuff you need : ( I hope you find these items in your warehouse)

  • Bolster case ( or you can use pants like jeans, etc )
  • Wire, I use a wire coat hanger
  • PVC pipe
  • Used / old clothes
  • Foam Sheet
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper ( optional, I put it in the photo but I didn't use it )
  • Yup, no sand needed because we have to stay at home right?

Tools :

  • Glue gun
  • Pliers to bend the wire
  • Saw, If you have to cut the pipe

Step 1: The Base Part

To make the base part, you need :

  • PVC pipe
  • Rounded shape cardboard ( I use two to make the base stronger )
  • Bolster case / pants / jeans / etc

After gathering all the stuff, the first step is to stick the pipe into the middle of the cardboard.

Second, insert the pipe and cardboard so that they are located in the bolster case, then stick the end of the bolster case at the top of the cardboard ( pic 3 ). You must stick it strongly because it will withstand the burden.

Step 2: Fill the 'Bag'

We already finished step 1, now we have the bolster case with pipe and cardboard in it.

Take the used / old clothes. Start to put the clothes neatly. I put it slowly around the pipe. If there are already some clothes and a little height, Insert the foam sheet so it covered the clothes. So what we're going to punch is the foam sheet with a texture a little harder than just clothes.

After the height of the clothes exceeded the first foam sheet, I put the second foam sheet in, then put the clothes in again. Continue to put in the clothes inside until the bolster case is almost full. We have to leave a few cms so we can tie it. Oh yes, I must cut the pipe because the length exceeds the limit that should be.

Step 3: Wrap & Hang It

To wrap the punching bag, I use the wire coat hanger.

Press the clothes inside so that it becomes tighter. After that then twist the top part of the bag tightly ( pic 2 ). After it got twisted, I wrapped around the top part as tight as I can ( because the wire is quite hard ). I bend the wire tip to form a hook, so it can be hung.

We have the punching bag with the hook at it, now let's find a place to hang it. I added wire in that place so I could hang it ( pic 5 ). I made the wire has a hole so that the hook can hang there. After that, I bend the wire randomly so it could have a stronger bond.

*Tip: You can sew some parts if you feel your bag is not strong enough.

Step 4: Let's Get the Sweat!

Finally, we're done!

With just three big steps, we can get healthier even we have to stay at home, and kills our boredom during the quarantine.

In case you're confused about what to do with the punching bag:

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