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Introduction: Puppet Gloves/Mittens

These are really cozy gloves that turn into mittens--- AND they double as puppets! perfect for all ages :D

Step 1: What You Need

First you will need:
-needle and thread
-fleece (1/2 yard per glove, or 1 yard for 2 gloves)
-sewing machine (thread and matching bobbin)
-2 buttons
-a bit of yarn (to match each glove)

Step 2: Cutting It Out

Take your fleece and lay it out.
Cut two pieces around your hand, cut off at the thumb and fingers. (See photo)
Cut one long piece that would fit around your wrist like a wristband, twice and wide as you want the end result (see photo)
*in the picture of the wrist part, it is folded in half.

Cut out a thumb piece on the fold. (See. photos! )
Cut out 2 pieces that will fit over your fingers (not thumb. see pictures again )
*if you want to add a horn, spikes, or something else that sticks up from the head of the puppet, cut
one of the pieces in half. and yes, there's a picture.

For Dinosaur:
Cut out little triangles out of white material (fleece or felt works best)
and also cut out black oval/circles for eyes (buttons work too)
Cut a bit of red yarn (about 1 1/2 inches, to make a loop that is a bit larger than your button)

For Narwhal:
Cut out a horn-shaped triangle from white fleece/felt.
Cut out eyes from black fleece or felt.
Cut 1 1/2 inch of matching yarn

Step 3: Finger Covers

These will be attached to make the fingerless gloves convert to puppet mittens! :)
If you don't want to add any animal/creature/character for the puppet-ness, just sew around the curved edges to make a pocket.

Sew on the eyes to each side  :)
Lay the spike-y thingies on the side (like in picture 2)
Make a sandwich with the other side :) (3rd picture)
Sew along the side. with the sandwich. then you'll see picture #4.
Place the yarn in a loop with the ends sticking out, then place the second side on top. (sandwich again!) (picture 5)
Sew around the round sides to make a pocket-like shape.
Flip right side out! :) wooot picture #6!

Sew on eyes. :)
Lay on horn just like the spikes for the dinosaur.
make a sandwich.
sew the sandwich :P
WOOT! :) now sew the curved edge to make a pocket-y thing.

Step 4: Sewing Main Part

Main part!
lay out one main part. (picture #1)
place one side of the triangular piece on top, like the picture for a right-handed glove, flip the thumb piece for a left sided glove.
Sew along the purple line :O (picture #2)
place the other main part beneath the other side, and sew along the purple line (refer to picture!! these instructions make no sense without them :P ) (picture #3)
fold in half, wrong sides out, and sew down underneath the thumb, and around the open sides of the thumb. (picture #5)

Step 5: Attach Finger Pocket

Place finger pocket like in picture #1.
Sew along purple like (picture #2)

Step 6: Sew Bottom Band

Bottom Wrist band:

-Fold in half from right to left.
-Sew on purple line (picture 2)
-slide around puppet, wrong side out on the puppet, right side in on the bottom band.
- sew around bottom (picture 3)
-turn right side out. (picture 4)
-flip the bottom up halfway (picture 5)
-Sew on button where loop will attach. (picture 6)
- tuck the raw edge in and sew around. (picture 7)

Step 7:

Repeat with other glove! :)
Ta-daa! now you have some puppet gloves! :)

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