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Introduction: Puppy Play Box

How to Build and Use Your Own Puppy Play Box

Early stimulation using a Puppy Play Box is a wonderful way to introduce baby puppies to the sights, sounds, touch and motion they will experience during their daily lives. Confidence is developed in the earliest weeks with the breeder.

These are quite simple to create and should only be a few hours to make. You can break it down for easy storage between litters.

Supplies and Tools Needed to Build the Frame

12 - qty 30″ lengths of 1″ PVC

8 - qty 1-in Diameter 90-Degree PVC Side Outlet Elbow

Drill with 1⁄4″ drill bit

Thin String or cord

Fun things to tie on.

(tennis balls, cups, hose, plastic spoons, cans no edges, etc…)

How to Make the Frame

1. Cut the PVC into 30” lengths. If you cannot do this, most home improvement stores will do it for you.

2. Drill a 1⁄4″ hole every two to three inches straight through all 30″ lengths of PVC. Be sure the holes are aligned across from each other so you can easily string line between them.

3. Lay four of the 30″ PVC pieces in a square on the floor.

4. Repeat

5. Assemble to form a cube

The best time to introduce the Puppy Play Box is around 5-10 weeks.

Have it in the room earlier on to have them familiar with it first at the 3rd week. Start with smaller and quieter things and then add to keep them learning.

This entire project breaks down for simple storage and reconstruction when needed.

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    Lindy L
    Lindy L

    4 years ago

    Looks like a fun and useful attribute for people with pups in their homes. I will try to make one like it for our pups