Puppy Pouch <3




Introduction: Puppy Pouch <3

The idea came when i was trying to draw something new to sew
so ya drew lots till that came out ! i think it took me 1 hour to draw till the idea came out

Hope the small steps of how to make it helps you in making one!
not really good in ordering pictures
some times I sew and I forget that I need to take pictures so ya! if you see any gaps youd know i forgot to take a picture :q
Steps of 20 Photos
Took me 2 days to make it , It could take you allot less
Its just i started late night


Enjoy =)


Step 1: Getting Everything Ready

What you need:
-Felt fabric
-A Soft piece of fabric "for the inside of the pouch"

Note: Draw a sketch of what your making so you can look at it from time to time to remember what exactly your doing

Step 2: Sewing the Puppy

Cut the felt to pieces you'll use in sewing your puppy
I didn't really put any sizes to use as reference to cut on

but here is something that might help u !
Ears : 2.5 cm
Red pocket Hight : 4.5 cm
Red pocket Width : 7 cm
Black felt Hight : 20 cm
Black felt Width : 12 cm

Step 3: Sewing the Puppy [Cont]

The black ears were sewed into the puppys head with a black string
thats why it does not show.

The black felt piece is 10cm when its folded .
Sew the red pocket into the black felt but before ur done , place the button in the middle and sew it
make sure its in the right place
not up to high nor down
try to keep checking on the puppy's head place and the button place

Step 4: The Inside of the Pouch!

Bring a different piece of fabric that isn't felt fabric so it;ll be soft
you can use a piece of old clothes.

Attaching it:
I sewed the outside lines "red while holding the inside gray fabric so the red string would attach it while im making the outside lining

Step 5: Last Step! Adding the Zipper

adding the zipper is an impotent step !!

1st Photo:
first you'd have to sew it to the felt really tight so it wont open in the future
so id advice u to sew it 2 times!
I used a black string to attach the zipper so the lines wont show on the felt from the outside since i sewed the lining red
wouldn't want to kill the design xP

2nd Photo:
When your done sewing the 2 zipper sides , test if they will open and close for u in a right way
cause you could have sewed it wrong , 2cm for zipper being far from each other could effect the opening and closing of the pouch
was really my first time sewing a zipper into something! so ya good luck and dont be scared :)

3rd Photo:
Close the zipper ends b4 cutting them
Sew on them with a black string oveer an over again till you feel there is no way the zip would go out
then its ok to cut the ends

4th Photo:
When your done with the zipper
Sew the left and right side of the pouch from the inside
closing it with a black string!
if there is small ends of the zipper left do sew them from the inside
If you didn't and u flipped the pouch it;ll pop out so better sew them to get a better result

5th Photo:
Flip it back to normal an walla!! Done _

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! btw loving the UAE cash!!! havent seen them in ages!:)


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm, looks cool! I have to try it sometime! I've put off getting a purse/ wallet for too long...

    Stercus Fit
    Stercus Fit

    14 years ago on Introduction

    I love this! And best of all, it doesn't require a sewing machine, which I have yet to master. :)


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    I think it;ll look tidier if was used with a sewing mechine XD but then ud mess out all the hand hard work xD and mostly the fun!!