Introduction: Puppy Teething

The problem I began with was a teething puppy, that keeps biting its owners. My goal is to make an easy and simple way to stop puppy biting. This is designed for puppy owners. Some toys exist, I am improving an idea. I have to consider things that are safe for puppies. This is natural that the puppy will outgrow. This normally ends at around 6 months. Once the puppy's teeth fall out they stop teething.


I started with a container some water and a berry or melon.

Step 1: Why Puppies Teeth in the First Place

Puppies teething is the same as we do we are babies. They first develop sharp and pointy teeth, then a new set starts to develop. Their teeth will fall out at some point, they will end up with 42 permanent teeth.

Step 2: My Soultion

This solution is only Temporary. I start with a container filled it will water and a fruit of choice. I choose watermelon, depending on the size of the container let it freeze. I froze mine for about 2 hours.

Step 3: A Problem I Ran Into Was..

At first, I made it to small so my great Dane puppy ate it super fast. It didnt not help my puppy stop biting. So I had to make a bigger on that would keep him occupied.