Purge Mask



Introduction: Purge Mask

I did my mask based on the movie purge .

Step 1: Started Off With a White Mask

1) Got a plastic mask

Step 2: Covered It

Started to cover it with plaster wrap

Continue the plaster wrap until it's thick enough ( about 5 layers )

Step 3: Putting Details on My Mask.

Then started to use acrylic paint and started to paint a lime green base. Added hot glue for the dripping blood , and stitches for mouth. Added red paint onto the dripping blood , and lighter lime green for mouth.

Step 4: The End of My Mask

I cutted out cardboard for the headband and also added wire for support underneath it , also cut 6 triangles that are 3 by 8 , I cut 1 inch tabs so they would fit on my headband and painted them lime green. I hot glued them to my headband and glued the headband to my mask.

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    6 years ago

    This looks neat, I like how you did the eyes :)