Introduction: Purple and Gold Cut Crease Eye Makeup

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This look is going to be for you if you have any special events planned or even a date or party you need to attend.

For this look you can mix and match any eye shadow palette that you have at home and just make this your own.

Step 1: Step One.

Firstly you are going to want to draw a line using a dark colour (Dark Purple) just above your crease if you have hooded eyes and then blend the line outwards towards your brow.

Step 2: Step Two.

Then taking the same colour a few shades lighter you are going to want to blend the cut crease line out by blending it over making sure you don't go below the line onto your lid.

Step 3: Step Three

Then go back and forth with the two colours until you are happy with the look.

Step 4: Step Four.

Then go in with your lid colour. For this look I used a gold colour.

Step 5: Step Five

Then you are going to want to apply some eyeliner to the lid. I created a large wing for this. I also take this into the waterline too.

Step 6: Step Six.

Then with the dark purple colour I blended this on the lower lash line and went over it with a black.

Step 7: Final Step

Then you are going to want to apply some mascara and finish off with your favorite lashes.