Introduction: Purple Felt Earring

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Hello Fellows,

I am loving felt, since I created my first felt project. It seems like anything can be made using felt. So this time I thought of creating some earrings using felt. Purple is my favorite color and I am so glad that this combination with light pink (actually pinkish violet) worked great. It is easy to make and I think it can go very well with a variety of dresses.

The source of inspiration for these earrings came from peacock feather, only difference is the color purple.

Lets get started.

Step 1: Stuff That You Will Need

You would need following items to make these earring:
  1. Purple felt A4 sheet
  2. Light pink or violet felt A4 sheet.
  3. Scissors
  4. 2 Eyelets
  5. Eyelet punching tool
  6. Artistic wire  about 8 inch long: OPTIONAL : if you have ready made earring hooks 
  7. Round nose pliers : OPTIONAL : if you have ready made earring hooks
  8. Fabric glue.
  9. Geometrical compass
  10. Sketch pen.
Lets make some circles.

Step 2: Making Felt Circles and Cutting Them

To make the earrings we need to cut 6+6 circles of different sizes (you can choose size as per your choice). Each circle is about 15% smaller than the previous one and with a different color. for example this is what I did:

I cut 1 big purple circle of radius 1inch, then 1 pink circle of radius about 0.85inch and so on reducing the radius and alternating the color. Do as follows :

  1. Draw circles on the purple and pink sheet using a geometrical compass (Image 1)
  2. Fold the sheet (Image 2)and cut each circle so that we get 2 circles by cutting 1 (Image 3)
  3. The 12 circles should look like Image 4.

Lets make the pattern in next step. 

Step 3: Making the Pattern and Earring

Now here comes the fun part:
  1. We will stack the circles in the order of biggest to smallest with alternating colors and glue them (Image 1).
  2. Repeat #1 for other earring.
  3. Now attach the eyelet as shown in Image 2. If you don't know how to attach eyelet, see my eyelet tutorial in the image above.

Just one more step and you will be done.

Step 4: Attaching Hooks and Done

Making the hooks (feel free to skip it if you have earring hooks)
  1. Take about 3 inch of wire and create a loop using pliers (Image 1)
  2. Create an outer loop using hands (Image 2).
  3. Bend the wire as shown in image 3 using a pen of cylindrical object.
  4. Create a small loop as shown in Image 4 using the round nose pliers.
You have to create 2 such hooks and 2 loops (2 for earrings and 1 for pendant.).

Now attach the hooks in the eyelet and you are done. I told you it was easy :)

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