Purple Flower Necklace(very Easy to Make)




Introduction: Purple Flower Necklace(very Easy to Make)

It's a Purple Flower Necklace which is pretty much easy to make.. and looks beautiful.. u'll look gorgeous with this necklace with matching dresses..:) So,,u all should have a try..:) :)

Step 1: 1st Step..

Materials to be nedded-
1-Purple Beads in 2 size (big size and small size)
2-crafting wire
9-Purple Tissue Cloths 

Step 2:

1-At first u have to take the 2 sizes of purple beads and enter them into the crafting wire..1st the big size beads and then the small size beads to make the 2 layred necklace..

2-after finishing the work with beads and wire then u have to joint the screw..

3-  2 layered necklace ready but not the full necklace yet..

Step 3:

Now the final step....
1-take the purple tissue cloth and fold it according to ur desired flower size..

2-then cut down the cloth..

3-u have to make 2 part of the cloth..

4-take the small part of the cloth and again cut down but this time u have to cut the cloth in round shape..

5-after cutting on a round shape u have to burn the side of the round cloths..

6-joint them and sew them as flower like the picture of number 6 and also sew the beads with the flower..

7-now joint the flower with the necklace by sewing...

Step 4:

U can make more flowers to look ur necklace beautiful..:) i have added 2 flowers...
And it's really easy to make and it takes very short time also...:)

[N.B-i am not good at English..So please forgive me if i did any mistakes..]

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    Simran Sharma
    Simran Sharma

    7 years ago

    Wow awesome and beautiful necklace

    I made this necklace following yous and came up with a new pattern, might post it as an ible very soon :) thanks for the idea!

    I love this necklace! your first ible got featured :) congrats, voted as well :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    The flowers are delicate and so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing and do have a splendorous day!