Introduction: Purple Mask

This was originally going to be like a regular pair of glasses and not a mask, but along the way the direction changed.  This is all pretty much free-form crocheting.  There isn't any pattern, but I took a lot of photos.

Step 1: Supplies

This instructable does not need very many supplies:

crochet cotton- purple (of course) and also some blue and yellow- alternative yarns would probably work just as well as well-(I used two strands of Craft Thread together for the yellow on this mask as I didn't have any yellow cotton.)

tapestry needle
needle threader

crochet hook/s- started with an 'E' hook, but after finishing the outline, switched to a 'B' hook.  The reason being that it was smaller than the 'E' and I had overlooked it earlier when gathering supplies,  As is probably evident by now, I'm self taught- was just thinking maybe smaller hook might be better(?)

and an old pair of glasses

Step 2: Cover the Frames

This is just single crocheting around all of the frames- the side pieces too!  I kind of liked them with just the outline. Pay no mind to the weird dates on the photos- new camera- haven't messed with it yet.

Step 3: Hiding the Threads

It seems easier to work without lots of threads hanging all over- just string the loose ends through a needle and weave them into the crochet work.

Step 4: Make the Flowers

Originally, I was thinking about some kind of asymetrical arrangement with some flowers and maybe some other shapes- it was pretty vague at the beginning. 

If you do any crocheting, this technique is probably familiar: chain 6 then make a slip stitch into the beginning chain to make a circle- chain 2 (this counts as a single crochet),and then single crochet into the circle all the way around.  Tie off the first color and attatch second color with a slip stitch and chain 2 (to count as first single crochet).  In order to make it flat, you have to put a couple stiches (single crochet) of the second color in each stitch of the first color.  For the last row, tie in the third color with a slip stitch, make 5 chains and slip stitch into the second color about 3 or 4 stitches down, keep doing this all the way around.  I was just going by looks rather than counting everything, so these directions are kind of loose. The other little medallion type pieces are made this same way, but just not so many rounds.

I just tacked the flowers and other pieces on by stitching thier loose ends into the crocheted part of the frames.

Step 5: Scalloping Right Along

Slip stitch into one of the side flowers around where the front and side pieces of the frames hinge together- (I did this so the sides and front would be integrated).  After that, it's just chain 5 times and slip stitch into the 3rd or 4th stitch down across the top (or any variation of that that works for you, ie: chain 6 and slip stitch into the 4th or 5th stitch, or whatever).  Finish by slip stitching into the flower at the other end.

Step 6: More Scalloping

In order to secure the small medallions, I hooked into the bottom of the frame and slip stitched into the medallions along the bottom parts bringing me to the other side.  Again with the chains and slip stitching to make scallops along the bottom part of the frame.  The final chain in the row has 3 and hooks into the flower.  Chain 3 again and slip stitch into the next 'petal' down on the flower, then chain back again, slip stitching into the middle part of the first row scallop.

This is where I started thinking 'mask'-

Step 7: Filling in the Space

In order to fill in some of the space where the lenses would usually go and make it into a mask, there had to be some sort of base to stitch on.  I hooked into one of the center medallions and made a chain across for this, then then did some 1/2 double crochets  back the other way for fill (I thought they were regular double crochets, but look too short for that- get those two confused sometimes). About half way along, I slip stitched into the bottom frame for stability.

Step 8: Fill Some Space on Top

In order to avoid tying off the yarn and then hooking into a new place (thus creating two new ends to hide- which was getting a little tiresome by now), I just slip stitched up the blue medallion to the top of the frame.  From there, I made chains along the top so there would be something to crochet back along.  Before starting back, I did a chain3 and hooked into the bottom stitches, then chain 3 again and back into the top frame- this was to make the eye opening a bit smaller on the outside end.  To finish up, it's single crochet into the chains running across the top.

Step 9: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Now you just have to do (almost) the same thing for the other side.

Step 10: Outline the Mask

To give it a more finished appearance, it needed a border.  So it's the old go to chain stitch, starting on the bottom of one of the side flowers and hooking into the mask every 3 or 4 chains, all around to the bottom of the other flower- and that's it!

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