Purple People Eater Pull String Pinata

Introduction: Purple People Eater Pull String Pinata

 "It was a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater"

This pinata can be played indoors. One player pulls one sting, and then the next player goes. Players must pull the string until the end of it rips off of the pinata. One of the twenty strings that are attached opens up a panel that will release the candy! Just like a regular pinata, once the candy is released the players can all collect it.

I made a cardboard slide on the inside of this pinata so that the candy is at the bottom of the slide. This way, when the (lightly taped) panel is opened, the candy will fall out. I got recycled boxes from a nearby store to make the body and wings. Ideally I wanted to use purple tissue paper, but I used construction paper scraps instead. And finally, all of the blue yarn strings that are hanging around the orange hula skirt that the pinata is wearing, are the strings that each participant will pull. Only one is attached to the panel and the rest are duds, that will easily pull off.

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