Introduction: Purple Whirlwind

Introduction: the overall use of red board represents the enthusiasm and blood of young people, and skateboarding symbolizes youth and vitality. The colorful "fashion" on the board also shows our attitude of pursuing fashion all the time. The five pointed stars on both sides mean that skateboarders are safe and lucky. For the innovative propeller is my childhood thinking about skateboard, it is not only practical, conducive to increase the power of skateboard, but also make the whole skateboard more cool and colorful, more popular with young people.

Step 1: Making Board Surface

1. Foundation slab: use a rectangle of 40mm × 120mm
Reasonable splicing with a roof shape with a radius of 20 mm and a rectangle After splicing, rotate about 15 degrees to coincide with the left side of the bottom plate Copy and paste left warping, then click mirror button to form right warping Translate and tilt right to the right of the rectangle and coincide with the connection of the rectangle Transparent thin cylinder micro cutting is used for the convex part on both sides The overall thickness of base plate is 3mm

2. Board decoration: place two 25 mm diameter gray pentagrams on the left and right sides of the skateboard.

The color letter "fashion" is compressed into a plane and placed in the center of the board for decoration.

3. Panel combination: at last, all shapes on the panel shall be colored and grouped.

Step 2: Wheel Axle and Skateboard Bridge

1. Wheel: use tire model with diameter of 25mm and thickness of 5.71mm

Click the copy button to paste another tire

2. Axle: use cylinder with diameter of 3mm and length of 42mm Use the align button to align the axle with the wheel

3. Skateboard bridge: from top to bottom Use cuboid edge 15 × 15mm, thickness 1mm The diameter of cylinder is 7mm and the length is 10 mm. Diameter of round pipe: 9mm, height: 2mm Knob nut diameter 5.71mm height 3mm

4. Wheel combination: first, align the wheel with the axle, and keep the color grouping. Then align the skateboard bridge to the middle and rear of the axle, and make color grouping after fine adjustment. Finally, copy and paste the whole as the rear skateboard wheel

Step 3: Screw Shaft and Propeller (innovation)

1. Spiral shaft: cylinder with diameter of 3mm and length of 53mm

2. Propeller: four equilateral triangles with side length of 21mm are respectively rotated 90 degrees for splicing. 3. Place the screw shaft on the middle and upper part of the rear wheel slide bridge, and align the screw shaft with the propeller for fine adjustment.

Step 4: Final Splicing


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