Introduction: Purple Wrist Warmers!!

You'll need:
Purple fabric 1/2 yard                                                         Thread
Sewing Machine                                                                  1 or 2 other fabrics (1/4 Yard)

Make a pattern for Wrist Warmers by tracing your hand and then make a general shape like in my picture.
Cut out around the shape for the Wrist Warmers.
Pin the pattern piece to the folded purple fabric.
Keep the left side (for the left hand) on the fold and don't cut that side. 
Cut out the pattern.

Flip the pattern so that it will be a right hand warmer.
Follow the steps above. Except where it says left side for left hand, for this one right side for right hand.

Step 1: Hems!

Fold the upper piece of fabric down 3/4" then pin under 1/4". Do this with other wrist warmer too.
Fold the bottom piece of fabric up 3/4" then pin under 1/4". Do this with the other wrist warmer too.
Sew along the folded pinned edges.

For the around the thumb part, fold the thumb area 3/4" and then pin under 1/4" but narrow it downward until it is 1/4"-1/8" wide.
Do this with the other sides also. Sew a line starting at 5/8" then narrowing to about 1/8".

Step 2: Applique on the Peace Signs!

Make the peace sign or other shapes you want to applique.
Pin the peace signs onto the outside (correct sides) of the Wrist Warmers.
Then you applique the peace signs onto the fabric with a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch.

I used a 3 wide zigzag in 1 inch. You will zigzag around the edge of the peace sign and then around the inner holed pieces.
Do this for both Wrist Warmers.

You will back stitch at the beginning and at the end of the stitch!

Step 3: Sew the Side Seam!

Pin the side seam along the bottom thumb area and also in the above thumb area.
Do this for both Wrist Warmers.

Sew a straight 5/8" stitch under the thumb area on both wrist warmers.
Above the thumb area sew a 2/8" stitch or larger depending on the way you want them to fit. Do for both.

Sew a zigzag in each seam allowance.
Trim the extra IF you are sure you don't need to adjust the fit!

You may have to add a diagonal line of straight stitch to make the bottoms of the Wrist Warmers tighter. 
Or you can use a hair-tie to keep them closed like I did in my picture.

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