Introduction: Purrfect Feather Cat Toys

Cat toys don't need to be expensive or hard to make. I'm going to let the cat out of bag on this one and show you how to make the Purrfect Feather Cat toy that costs nothing and can be made from all natural items.

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make the Purrfect Feather Cat toy all you need is a pair of scissors, sturdy stick from yard, suede or leather rope (you can also use yarn), some feathers, beads and bells if you want your cat toy to make noise.Most these items you can find in or around the house. Just be sure to use items that are safe for kitty.

Step 2: First - Knot and Bead

Don't be a scaredy cat, there is no wrong way to make the Purrfect Feather Cat toy. Start by cutting you leather or yarn to about 24 inches long (if using yarn or thinner rope, I double this up). Tie a knot on the end to hold your feathers and beads.

Step 3: Next - Feather Frenzy

Tie knots, bead and feather your string. You can add as little or as many as you like. It is best to secure feathers by placing quill in bead, then stacking bead to hold it in place until the quill is hidden.

Step 4: Last - Play Time

Tie you string to the end if your stick (double knots work best here) to secure string. Now it's time to play. You just made the Purrfect Feather Cat toy.
It's the Cats Meow!

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