Introduction: Purrfect Seedbombs

As every Guerrilla Gardener will tell you, seedbombs are an essential item when trying to improve inaccessible places (e.g. stalled building projects).

Almost every seedbomb recipe calls for powdered red clay which, unless you befriend a potter, is difficult and costly to get hold of.  I'm offering an alternative litter.

Step 1: Ingredients:

Non-invasive wildflower seeds
peat-free compost
bentonite-based cat litter - this is important!  Only bentonite-based litter can be used as a red clay substitute.


gloves (bentonite is very drying on your hands)
old newspaper/sheeting

Step 2: Method

Mix together:
1 part seeds
3 parts compost
3 parts cat litter
2 parts water.

Mixture should resemble brownie dough and have a firm consistency.

Step 3: Form the Seedbombs

If you used a 'clumping' variety of kitty litter you will find this step very simple.

Form into small balls, somewhere between the size of a marble and a golf ball.

(Commercially available seedbombs are much larger, and in fancy shapes but take forever to break down and aren't so good at throwing through gaps in fencing etc)

Dry for 24 hours.

Step 4: You're Ready!

If you plan to give these as a Christmas present, be sure to store them in a dark, cool place, otherwise you run the risk of them germinating before the recipient gets a chance to throw them.

You might want to include instructions and/or information (e.g. "For best results throw in the springtime" or "contains love-in-a-mist, sunflower, poppy seeds - do not eat" etc).

A handmade gift for the guerrilla gardener in your life!