Introduction: Push Button Switch

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The Push Button Switch is another variant of an assistive switch. It is meant for children with disabilities so they can be empowered to to use everyday items.


For this Instructable, you will need the following items:

  • One (1) Push Button
  • One (1) 3.5 mm male jack
  • Long wire
  • One (1) roller switch
  • Non-slip mat

Step 1: Take the Long Wire, Separate the Black and Red Wire at One End for About 2 Cm

Step 2: Clamp the Red Wire About 1cm Deep at the Third Notch (1.0mm)

Step 3: And Then Pull to Strip the Insulation From the Wire.

If you are using a strip gun, clamp the wire and pull the trigger quickly.

Step 4: Do the Same for the Black Wire, Leaving Slightly More Insulation on the Black Wire (strip the Red Wire a Bit More).

Step 5: Unscrew Earphone Jack

To unscrew, grip the pin with one hand and the shell in another, then turn in opposite directions

Step 6: Thread the Stripped End of the Wire Thru the Shell

Step 7: Pass BLACK Wire Through the Hole in the Shorter Leg

Step 8: Wrap the Wire Around the Leg

Step 9: Pass RED Wire Through Taller Leg

Step 10: Wrap the Wire Around the Leg

Step 11: Use the Tools to Make Sure There Are No Stray Strands of Wire, and Pull Lightly to Test If Secure

Step 12: Solder BLACK Wire

Step 13: Solder RED Wire

Step 14: Visually Check That There Are No Stray Wires, Then Screw the Shell Back On

Step 15: Take the Other End of the Long Wire, Strip the RED and the BLACK Wire About 1 Cm.

Step 16: Now Take the Roller Switch. Using the Wire That You Just Stripped; Pass RED Wire Through Hole in the Bottom Leg

Step 17: Wrap the Wire Around the Hole

Step 18: Pass BLACK Wire Through Hole in the Lower Leg

Step 19: Wrap the Wire Around the Hole

Step 20: Solder the Two Joints

Step 21: Then Bend the Metal Switch to Around This Shape

Step 22: Take the Push Button Switch. Remove 4 Screws to Open the Cover

Step 23: Cut Away the Wires Attaching the LEDs to the Plastic Body. Remove Switch From Slot by Pulling Vertically Up

Step 24: Cut a V-shaped Slot As Shown in Picture

Step 25: Now Place the Switch Into the Hole in the Middle.

Be sure that roller is facing away from the springs.

Step 26: Drill 4 Holes, They Should Be Aligned to the Roller Switch’s Holes (see 3rd Picture)

Step 27: Use 2 Zip Tie to Secure the Switch. Trim Off the Excess of the Zip Tie

Step 28: Wrap the Cord Around the Base As Shown in the Picture

Use the zip tie to tie off the wires to one of the screw posts. This helps take the stress from any pulling of the cable by the user.

Step 29: Replace Switch Cover, Making Sure the Wire Goes Out of the Notch That You Cut

Step 30: Close Cover & Replace 4 Screws.

After you replace the screws, check to make sure the switch is NOT already depressed (listen for the click).

If it is, dismantle it, bend the metal switch a bit more, and try again.

Step 31: Use Double Sided Tape and Stick the Non-stick Mat.

This will keep the switch in place when a special needs child uses your work!