Introduction: Push Fright Lights

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In this instructable i am going to show you how to make some Push Fright Lights (the name works better if you imagine thunder and lightening happening right after you say it)

They are easy to build, fun to decorate and cheap to make.

Lets get started

Step 1: What You'll Need



a craft knife

Cutting mat



Colouring pens and pencil



glue dots

glue tape

(I'm using gaffa tape)

3 volt L.E.D.s (any colour)

a 3 volt battery

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Step 2: Print It, Colour It

Print out the template, one fits on an A4 piece of card

Draw out your fright light (Thunder! Lightening!) in pencil on the two "plus" shaped pieces remembering to keep the lower "jaw" to the fold line.

Colour it in.

I did this before cutting it out as it makes it easier.

Step 3: Cut It Out, Score It and Fold It

Cut it out remembering to cut out the eye holes.

Using your rule and craft knife lightly score along the dotted lines to give it a nice crisp fold

Step 4: Assembling the Lower Section and Lighting It Up

Take the "Table shaped piece and glue the two shorter sections on one side of it.

Attach them to the front of the plus shape (where the eye holes are)

Place to glue dots at the eye holes. these will help hold your LEDs in place.

Take your LEDs and tape one of the wires to the underside of your battery making sure the connections are correct (that they light up)

Bend the other wires away from the battery to break the connection but not too far.

Glue the LEDs/battery in place with a glue dot.

Glue the rest of the box together. amking sure to glue the rest of the "table" to the adjoining parts

Step 5: Top Section

Glue the top section together to form the lid of your Fright light (thunder!Lightening)

Take the last piece of card and glue it in place towards the inside back of the top of the head like a arch leaving space at the sides so not to get in the way of the lower section.

Place on top and there you go :0

Step 6: Finished!

And that's you!

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and as always thoughts/comments/criticisms and even pictures of your own Push Fight Light (Thunder! Lightening!) are welcome in the comments below :)

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