Push Pin Wall Art

Introduction: Push Pin Wall Art

I was tired of my colored pencils always being scattered across my desk. I'm all about hanging things on my wall as long as it is simple, beautiful, and/or useful. So, I designed this piece of push pin wall art.

Step 1: Download and Print From Thingiverse

Here's the link!


Download the file and send it through your preference of slicing program. I used Slic3r. The first layer kept on peeling up on me because of the finer detail of the pencil clamps. Here are the basics of my settings:

Print Temp:

Extruder Temp: 190C

Bed Temp: 65C

First Layer Speed: 25mm/s

Perimeters: 40mm/s

Infill Speed: 50mm/s

It took about 1.5 hours to print off using my Prusa i2. From there, put in those colored pencils and hang them wherever you want! If you're feeling extra ambitious, remix the design to make shapes i.e. heart, star, circle, etc.

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