Introduction: Put Ubuntu (or Any Linux Distro) on a Bootable Flash Drive With LinuxLive USB Creator

With the Windows 8 annoying everyone from casual computer users to the most stressed power user, an alternative is more than welcome.

Rather than drop the £1000 or more on a mac, why not try linux? Or, to be specific, Ubuntu.

Free and secure, its easy to use and install, and here is how to get it on a flash drive you install on your laptop or desktop.

Step 1: What You Need

A flash drive of 1GB or more, preferably 2GB or more. You will also need a copy of a linux or Ubuntu disk image. These can be downloaded from the Ubuntu website or which ever distro you are using.

Step 2: Choose USB Drive

Choose the USB drive you want to use

Step 3: Select ISO

Select your ISO from the three options in Choose A Source. If you didn't download it already, you can get the ISO now!

Step 4: Set Persistant Space

If you are going to run in Live mode (working from USB drive) set the amount of persistant space you want. Not needed if you are just installing.

Step 5: Format and Go!

Click the lightning bolt and go! Be sure to tick the format box if you are not sure if the flash drive is empty/fat32 formatted.
When complete, the Linux Live Usb Creator website will appear and provide more help. Good Luck and enjoy Ubuntu!