Introduction: Put a Bead in Your Beard!

Wait, Why??? Why would you put beads in a beard that looks so awesome just as it is? You've spent months or even years growing that magnificent mass, but, so has every other guy out there. A beard alone isn't enough to make you stand out. Look around, beards everywhere! I will show you how to add a strategic bead or two so that you get noticed. Or at least you'll feel like you get noticed, know what I mean?

Step 1: A Look at Some Beads

I try to use handmade glass beads from these folks ( They are incredible artists and local to me.
There are all types and sizes of beads out there, made from every imaginable material. Look at the size of the hole, you have to be able to pull some beard hairs through that hole. Smaller holes, fewer hairs. The beads I use primarily have a hole that measures about 3/16" (4.7mm).
TIP: Choose colors that complement your partners' adornments, or that reflect the season. A skull bead for Halloween, for instance. A bead that matches or complements your eye color. Sport Team Colors (rah!!rah!!!) Or, sprocket shaped, you steampunk fiend! Hmmm, a threaded nut for that biker rally...

Step 2: Supplies

Beads, at least one bead, ok?
24" (60cm) strong thread (rug or upholstery thread)
thin wire to pull the thread through the beads

Step 3: Stringing the Bead

Okay, I'm going to tell you how to get a loop of thread through a bead so that you can use it to pull a hank of hair through the aforementioned bead and leave a finished looking end.

Fold the thread in half, set it aside.
Bend the wire in half.
Stick the bent end of the wire through the bead, put the string through the wire loop and pull it through the bead using the wire so that you have a loop on one side of the bead and the loose ends on the other. Put the wire aside.
If you can get the folded string through your bead without the wire, great! As long as you have the string folded over so as to leave a loop on one side of the bead and the loose ends on the other side.

Step 4: Beading That Beard

Wrap the loose ends of the string around a finger or two on your right hand to hold them.
Put your left hand through the loop.
Grab a hank of hair with your left hand, slide the loop of string off your hand and around the hair. Raise your right hand to make the bead slide down the string. Hold the bead with your left thumb and forefinger. Pull on the string to keep the hair against the bead.
If you can pull the hair through the bead easily, you need more hair in the loop. Just slide the bead back, put the loop back over your left hand and grab more hair.
Now, keeping tension on the loop, trying to pull the hair into the bead as you slide the loop downward until the amount of hair in the loop decreases enough to begin pulling it through the bead.
Carefully pull on the string until the hair begins to come through the bead, adjust the bead to allow a small loop of hair to extend below it and to show the best side of the bead. Then let go of one end of the string and slide it out.
Tug gently on the bead to be sure it is secure.

Step 5: The End, and Some Thoughts

Beware of Grandchildren! They will always want your beads!
Your beard will be crazy when you remove beads. Be prepared for a Bad Beard Day!!!
If you want a stack of beads, slide the wire through all them, pull the string through them and proceed as above. Only the bottom bead or two will have doubled up hair in them so be sure they are secure.
A bead on a braid is a lot classier then a rubber band.

Have fun!