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Inspired by Portlandia, when I found this dull, drap apron at the Japanese dollar store, I knew I just had to spruce it up.  And what better way than to put a bird on it!  I decided to invoke the simplest form of applique I know, and make an iron-on patch.

This is a silly, simple craft that only takes minutes, but the impact is impressive.  Of course you can use any shape you want and any type of garment.  This is a really easy way to refresh an old piece or add some zing to something boring!  

Ok, enough talk. Let's put a bird on it!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you need:

1 boring apron (or bag, or pillow, or shirt, etc)
Paper-backed fusible web (like Wonder Under)
Bird silhouette

I happen to have access to the Silhouette CAMEO, so I used that to cut out my design.  You could also use a laser cutter, or, you know, scissors.

Step 2: Get Your Design

I did an image search for "bird silhouette" and found one I liked the best.

I then took that into a photo editing program and cleaned up the outline and fill.  This step is only necessary if you're using a machine to do your cutting.  If you're cutting by hand, you can just print out whatever you like! 

Send the image to the machine you're using to cut the design, or print out a copy on paper if you are cutting by hand.

Step 3: Prepare Your Fabric

Iron the fusible web to the wrong side of the fabric you're using for the bird design.  I kept the paper on the back while cutting, but I think it would have been better if I didn't.

Cut the fabric to the appropriate size for the shape of your cutout and the machine you're cutting it with.  

Step 4: Cut Your Design

Using the Sillhouette or laser cutter, send your file to the printer.  Choose the proper settings for the material you're using.

Since I was using a medium weight twill and had the paper backing still on the fabric, I set the Cameo knife 9 and speed to 2.

If cutting by hand, just pin, tape, or trace your design onto the fabric and cut! 

Step 5: Put a Bird on It!

Now you have a perfect iron-on bird to put on anything.

Make sure your apron (etc) is clean and ironed. 

Peel the paper backing off of your bird and place the bird where you want it with the fusible side down.

Iron the patch until it's well adhered. 

Step 6: Congratulations

You just put a bird on it!  Everyone who mocked your concept in the beginning is now crying that they don't have their own rad bird apron.

But you're not that sceptical.  Leave me a comment with how you like to put a bird* on it, and I'll give you a 3-mo pro membership!

*not limited to birds alone - just show me how you like to use this technique!

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