Introduction: Put on a Motorcycle Helmet Without Undoing the Strap

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This is the right way to put on a helmet. You don't need to undo or adjust the strap every time.

Before a ride on my screaming motorcide-ickle I check the ballistic chute, nitrous tank, etc. Then I look up to see if my passenger is ready. Usually they are still messing with their helmet strap or trying to pound the helmet over their head.

Apparently the proper technique for putting a helmet on isn't widely known. So here it is.

Skillfully demonstrated by Numberandom

Step 1: Chin Strap Over Eyes

Your eyes are the thin part of your head.
Put the strap over your eyes as you rock the helmet back over your head.

Step 2: Push the Strap Down Under Your Chin

It's surprisingly easy to do even if the strap is properly tight.
The ancient ones who brought helmets to this planet must have designed our skulls to match.

That's it!

You're ready to ride!