Introduction: Putting Ringtones on a LG490

My girlfriend gave me her old cell phone which works well except for the fact the telus has that phone locked up so tight windows is jealous, HAHA. well anyways the only way you can put ringtones on it is by downloading them from telus for $3.50+ but you do not get to listen to them first which means it could be the wrong part of the song you want or the wrong song all together and you still have to pay for it, which is absolute crap. Well after searching the net I can up with absolutely no solutions for my phone so I made one and this is it.

Step 1: What You Need

These are the only things you need:
- A connection to the phone. cable or bluetooth.
- BitPim
- Audacity
- My Copyright adding program. Required VB6 runtimes. winXP and Vista come with them.
- Patients

first install BitPim, then set up the bluetooth connection with windows then go look at the bluetooth devices you are connected to select your phone and click properties.
click the services tab, wait for it to load then make a note of the COM port used by 'Serial port (SPP) Bluetooth serial port' mine is COM16. open BitPim it will try to find your phone, it doesn't detect the LG490 so you goto the edit menu and down to settings.
In the Com Port text box type the COM number COM16 in my case. Click OK
Next goto the view menu and select View Filesystem.
click on filesystem on the far left column then a folder with "/" next to it will appear in the second column. expanded it to see if it will connect to the phone.
You may need to change the COM ports by reconnection the bluetooth.

Step 2: Where Everything Goes

After going through everything these are where the files are on my phone.

"/brew/16452/mp" Pictures
"/brew/16452/mds" Ringtones
"/brew/16452/ms" Sound recordings and midis
"/brew/16452/mdw" Animated Backgrounds

and the files the say where in the memory these files get loaded to is in:

aod.dat for ringtones
image.dat for pictures
mysound.dat for the midis and recordings
my_wallpaper.dat for Wallpapers... go figure

The way files are handled on this phone is stupid you add them to the directory but the phone will never find them, ever. Those files say where the files are and (I believe) where is the memory they are loaded. the format for most of the files are:
file number (1 byte) then a couple blank bytes then the file directory and name then 100+ blank bytes then (for the ringtones 0x01000000 then) a 4 byte code then a couple blank bytes then a 2-3 byte code followed by 2 blank bytes then the next files info
the 0x01000000 is hex 01 00 00 00 or ascii character 1 0 0 0 this is the copyright protection.

I thought for a while the 4 byte code was an offset value which I made complex programs and calculations to add files on.... and they worked!!! I added 7 files no problem... until I deleted some files, then none of my codes worked that made me sad because I was very proud I "broke the code".
the 2-3 byte code tells the phone the size the file is not for reading purposes but for display purposes.

Step 3: Adding Files

Adding pictures and midis and songs that you are not going to use as ringtones is damn easy I eventually figured this out. in BitPim goto the folder the corresponds to the type of file you are adding. right click in a blank space in the file column and select add then choose the file you want to add I wouldn't try anything over 300KB or you'll get frustrated at least I do with mine it has many, many connection errors. I put Tenacious D - F*** her gently on my phone I encoded it down to 455KB in size it took 30+ tries before success.
after adding the files. lets say you added a bunch of pictures.
the corresponding folder is "/brew/16452/mp" then you go to "/dload" and save image.dat then delete image.dat. you're saving it just in case then right-click in the folder tree and select reboot phone or just reboot your phone manually. the phone will build the file for you adding all the pictures. YEY!.

for ringtones though you add them the same way but it you try to use them as a ringtone the phone won't let you because there is no copyright protection on them. this is where my program comes in. save the aod.dat file from your phone and make a back-up as well. run my program its straight forward select the file and only the file it will screw up all other files by adding the 0x01000000.
after selecting the file it will take less then 1 second then announce its done. close the program.
Now back in bitpim right-click on aod.dat and select overwrite then select the file you just ran through my program. after uploading the file you have accessable ringtones.