Putting Them Away

Introduction: Putting Them Away

Need to organize your bands? Well now you can.

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies are
Rubber band
The Case

Step 2: Where At?

You can get:
Rubber bands at Wal*mart or Michael's
Bracelets, you make them
Case at Wal* mart for $20

Step 3: Putting Them Where

There should be 4 boxes, I put some of the pieces to make the boxes smaller in the last one. Then I put that one at the bottom. In the smaller boxes I put the rubber band in order from Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, then White, but you can put them in any order. In the top box, on the side, I put the clips, charms, and beads. In the second box, on the side, I put already made bracelets. In the 3rd box, on the side, I put rubber bands I'm to lazy to sort or I plan on making a certain bracelet out of.

Step 4: Done

Put the boxes back in the container. Zip up the container, then put it whee it goes.

Step 5: Thanks

Thanks for looking at my instructable .

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