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This is so special gift. You can make a puzzle necklace (or you can make a keychain) for your best friend or your lover. This is so easy. Just follow all steps and watch video.

This video is full. But you can watch different start time on other steps. Let's Begin...

Step 1: Materials

This video'll start 0:22 second. You can see all materials.

♥️ materials:

▫️ cardboard

▫️ utility knife

▫️ gold nail polish

▫️ scissors

▫️ pen

▫️ nail

▫️ chain


▫️ glue

▫️ glitters

Step 2: Draw Your Puzzle..

This video'll start 0:41 second. You can see how I draw my puzzle.

Draw your puzzle on the cardboard as you like. If you watch this video, you can see how I drew my puzzle. I use charcoal pencil for draw. I made for 2 person (friend or love). But if you want you can draw for 3, 4 and more person. This is optional.

Step 3: Cut You Puzzle (Be Careful!)

This video'll start 0:55 second. You can see how I cut my puzzle.

If you draw your puzzle on cardborad. Let's begin cut. But please Be Carfeul!

I use utility knife for cut. If your cardboard is thick, cut is not easy. So Be Careful. (if you are a crafter, this'll be so easy for you, don't worry)

Step 4: Paste the Nails

This video'll start 1:19 second. You can see how I paste the nails.

You need 2 nails (if your puzzle is two pieces). If your puzzle finished, you paste the nails. You can see how I paste the nails for my puzzle on this video. Wait for dry when you paste it.

Step 5: Paint With Nail Polish.

This video'll start 1:45 second. You can see how I paint my puzzles.

I use gold nail polish. This is optional. You can use colorful nail polish. But I love gold ♥️

If your puzzle don't like good, so if you can see the cardboard, you need more nail polish layers.

Paint the first layer and wait for dry. When it dry, paint second layer. If you like your puzzle, it is ready!

And now Combine the chains.

Finished. Your amazing puzzle necklace (keychain) is ready.

Hope everyone like it.

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