Wooden Puzzle Modular Electronics Prototyping Board

Introduction: Wooden Puzzle Modular Electronics Prototyping Board

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I didn't have enough space on the prototyping board that came with my Arduino starter kit... so I decided to make a new one. It's modular, so I don't have to use all the parts all the time, it has a module for the Arduino Uno and one for a battery holder or something else. Those two could be replaced by a module with an Arduino Mega, an Intel Edison, a Raspberry Pi or anything else. It also has 2 modules with connectors and breadboards.

So this is how I built it... well some parts were not filmed and I didn't take many photos... I somehow forgot because I was filming some parts probably. But you can see most of the build in the video :)

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Step 1: The Plan

So I had a plan in mind... have some modules and put the together like a puzzle... this is what it looked like.

Step 2: The Equipment

Step 3: The Equipment Part 2

Step 4: The Components

  • MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)
  • An Arduino Uno
  • Some connectors
  • Breadboards
  • A battery holder or anything else you want to put in the other module

Step 5: Cut the Pieces

I used a scroll saw to cut the pieces, I know it's not the best to cut straight, but I live in an apartment and space is limited... I don't have lots of tools, after measuring them... measure twice, cut once. Then I sanded the pieces so they would be as close to perfect as possible.

Step 6: Sand the Edges

I used my Dremel to sand the edges to have a nice finish... then I sanded them by hand to have the as straight as possible.

Step 7: Drill Holes

I used my drill press to cut small holes to screw the Arduino Uno in place.

Then I drilled a small hole in the bigger pieces for the connectors. I partly drilled with a bigger bit to help the connector stay in place and to have space to screw the knots under them.

Step 8: Let's Chisel for Components

I used a chisel and a mallet to "cut holes"... I don't know the right wording in English, but I removed part of the wood to have a place to put the battery holder and the breadboards.

Step 9: Let's Varnish and Solve the Puzzle

Then you need to varnish each pieces, I gave 3 coats with a light sanding in between each coats to have a soft finish.

When the puzzle pieces are together it looks like this... now let's install the components.

Step 10: Final Product

Here's the final product with all the components in place... now let's use it... to be continued ;)

If you like my build, please like the video on YouTube and subscribe, it would be nice :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Neat solution, but now that everything is so spread out, I think you'll need to buy longer jumper wires.


    6 years ago

    Well done! Excellent idea. I may try to copy your design but with a 3d printer (I am too lazy to do it with wood...)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Let me know if you end up doing it with a 3D printer, I would like to see the result.
    I would like to get a 3D printer some day :)