Introduction: Puzzle Skeleton

This project provides an opportunity to learn about the human skeleton.Today not only the children even most of the  adults does not know much about the human skeleton.
I have done this skeleton  project as a puzzle with multi coloured foam rubber which will be intersting for the children to play as a puzzle and in the mean time they learn about the Human skeleton.
Children from five years onwards can learn as a puzzle and children from seven or eight years onwards can learn about the human skeleton.
This is a very good device for hands on learning.

Step 1: Requirements

Multi colored Foam rubber
Uhu spray
Top pins
Black pen with thin nib(cd writting pen is good)
Sharp  pointed cutting blade
Working board
Eraser (Incase you need)
White tissue paper (Not in cluded in the picture)
Embroidery scissor (not included in the picture)

Step 2: Decide the Colour

I decided on orange and black ,so that it can go in to halloween contest too.If not I would have prefered two light colour foam rubber  sheets.
Shake the Uhu spray very well and spray it on to one foam sheet ( Black)and paste the other orange sheet over it .I placed a thick heavy book on top of it for a while.Within a couple of minutes both the sheets were well pasted together.

Step 3: Copy Skeleton

I copied a  skeleton sketch  from a book to a white tissue paper.Then I placed the right side of the carbon on top of the  orange foam rubber sheet. Now carefully I  positioned the tissue paper  image in the middle of the foam sheet over the carbon paper and put the top pins on top of it ,so that the papers would not move while tracing the image.With a ball point pen I traced   the skelton  and took the image on to the foam rubber. Woohh...It came out very well just in the middle as  how I wanted.

Step 4: Cut Cut Cut...

This is the most difficult part,where I started cutting the skeleton in to parts with a small sharp blade.At certain places it was a bit hard because the glue had got clotted inbetween the orange and black foam.In total I chopped 21 parts from the skeleton.If any one wants to try this I advice to  use self Adhesive foam sheets which is easy to paste to gether.The last picture shows that I have cut out all completely.

Step 5: Decide on the Colors

I decided that my skeleton to be multi colored because the children always love colors,and this is not only a puzzle to play ,it also helps them to learn  about a human skeleton.So with the colors of  foam rubber  I had, I cut out pieces to paste them together again to get the thick ness of the two sheets already pasted together.

Step 6: Glu Again.

I cut them in to two and glued them to gether again.

Step 7: Copy

 I copied it  over again from the tissue paper to the small pieces of  foam rubber.The second picture shows in what colour each part is going to be.  Never keep the cut pieces on the  foam and take the out line as it will be slightly bigger than the one  already  cut from the skeleton. It will not fix in properly.

Step 8: Cut

Now gain the most hardest part of cutting the images from  the foam rubber.At one point I used my embroidery scissor which was easier than the blade.Each part  you cut ,insert it in to the skeleton.

Step 9: Multi Coloured Skeleton

Hey!  look.. has any one ever seen a skeleton in multi colours?
Now whats going to be next? I like the black more than the orange.

Step 10: Draw the Veins

Now start doing your art work Here I show you the drawing of the veins with a cd writing pen.I did not copy from the tissue papaer.Drew it on my own looking at it.

Step 11: Name the Parts

First I wrote with a cd marker on the foam rubber.I was not too happy with my scratchy writing.Then I went to the paint programme in the computer and erased all what I wrote,and re wrote in the computer.Now it looks great.
I hope this helps all the parents to teach their kids how a human skeleton looks like.Kids would always like it as a puzzle to play where they end up learning too.
Thanks for reading .Please caste your votes and stars if this project has won your heart.

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