Puzzle «TetRis Cube»

Introduction: Puzzle «TetRis Cube»

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How to make a Puzzle «TetRis Cube» - using 3D print

Homemade puzzle game for development of intelligence.

Design and modeling puzzle blocks with Blender 3D.

Slicing and printing of models with 3D Printer. Good work and game!

Step 1: We Must Have...

  • 3D Printer to create parts of puzzle game
  • 3D modeling software e.g. Blender [blender.org] is the free and open source 3D creation suite

Step 2: 3D Design of Blocks for Puzzle (by Use Blender)

You can create the 3D models blocks of puzzle yourself.

Also you can download the STL files.

Slice the STL file to prepare it for 3D printing. Whether you use an open source application like Cura or a paid solution like Simplify3D, slicing is a critical step for the quality of your model. Open the STL file and tinker with settings like infill, layer height, and supports.

Step 3: Printing the Parts of Puzzle Games

Printing the parts of puzzle games.

Alternatively, use a Service if you don’t have access to a 3D printer.

Download and print the image of guide to assembly of puzzle.

Also you can make and print the guide to assembly of puzzle yourself.

Step 4: Test...

Try assembly all puzzle blocks into the box...

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