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HI friends this is my first instructable .IN THIS PROJECT WE WILL MAKE PUZZZZZZZLE BOX . The video shown below is the final model sorry i can not show step by step pics .
for making i have just made the computer model using sketch up which is really cool program for editing &modeling purposes .The sketch up file is below you can download it . It is simple and also to interesting to make ,you can make it within an hour ..any other question you can ask me . the video will also help you

The materials needed

1. wood plank
2. fevicol
3.sketch up program
4. sunmica

6.small lock with its key
7.ice cream stick
the tools used
1.wood & sunmica cutter
2. lathing

Step 1: BOX

You should use the same measurement of plywood (or cardboard or aluminum) (recommended plywood or wood boards)  . Drag in &out to view all the sections of box . then fix all the parts as shown below in model files.
first make a box remember all the points marked in the sketch up file

Step 2: GEARS

then add the gear and check that it is working properly .then install the lock . the unique key is made from ice-cream stick  on top there is a wooden piece . the actual key will come out in a wooden case 

Step 3: The Last Step

then lastly we have to make a drawer which has an unique key .<ice cream stick>

any question regarded this project you can ask me . pls send me pic of your own puzzle made box.OF any suggestion pls send &share with us


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    8 years ago

    What is senmaica