Introduction: Puzzle Mechanisms.., and HELP!

All of us  know a mechanical puzzles .Like , for en example , a 3x3 rubik's cube. .But , do we know what kind of mechanism inside it? Some people maybe can know it by looking, but some others not. and how about a mechanism of a pyraminx? a Square-1?, or a Skewb?We also can't always depend on the internet. You can't always find it. Some who are risk taker maybe can break the cube and know it , but how about the other? Here , I wnt to show you some of the puzzle that has an unique mechanisms.

And then I want to ask you , can you help me for any tips / tutorial , how to play these puzzle? picture 2( left to right , and row top(1) -bottom)
1st row :rainbow cube , 4x4 mirror blocks, mastermorphinx
2nd row : The turning face octahedron, crazy 3x3x2, lengthened windmill x pattern
3rd row ; the Super Square-1 , Hexagonal Prism ,and Star skewb

regards, -j-

Step 1: Cube Mechanisms - the Windmill Cube and the Super Square-1

This are the cube that rotated in the ordinary ways ( horizontal/vertically) , but can change shapes.( or not) Ok , what is the point here is the mechanism , ok? so it's doesn't matter !

The windmill cube is named based on it's pattern .It uses a 3x3 rubik of the member create it from a 3x3 rubik's cube. You can check it out. The mechanism is placed just like  the orinary 3x3 ribik cube , but in other direction.

The Fisher cube also using a 3x3 mechanism.Unlike the windmill cube , We can play the fisher cube just like playing a 3x3 rubiks cube.( but you must find the right position)

The super Square-1 is a "Brother" from the Square -1 . The Square 1 consist 3 layers. top and bottom layers ( 8 60' corner and 30' edge).The middle layer is trapezoid -shaped piece.Both of the Square-1 and Super Square-1 has a same mechanism , but the Super Square 1 has additionals "Ridges"..Both only has one screw in the middle of the mechanism...

The last is the 3x3x2 crazy cube. It's using a 3x3 rubik cube mechanism , but with a little modification.I can't post it here because the photo is bad( oops) and it has too many small parts-I'm so sorry..ok?

Step 2: Skewb Mechanisms-Skewb Cube and Skewb Star Mechanisms

The Skewb is a cube puzzle that rotating in the unique direction. In its core there is a 4 axis mechanism (It's the "Skewb mechanism")- see the 3rd picture , read the note! .all skewb's variation using a same mechanism . The skewb star is a cross between a skewb diamond and cube skewb.the skeb has many variation of "Cross". The Star skewb= Cube Skewb+ star skewb. if we cross the skeb ultimate( dodecahedron -shaped skewb ) with a cube skewb , we'll get polymorphinx and 3d skewb :-D...

* if you don't wnt to take the risk don't break it.If you want to cross it , well...

ps: sorry for the last pic , i forgot to rotate it...

Step 3: 14 Sides!-Rainbow Cube Mechanism

Rainbow cube is the most common of other 14 -sided puzzles, and easiest to find. It's simple , but sometime it can be a great challenge ( so now you can know why its called " mini megaminx"). Its 14 sie is consists of the triangle and square parts.The square side is divided into four ,and the triangle side is divided into four smaller section.
The mechanism in it, just like the 3x3 cube , has a rod that comes out from it., and the centerpiece at the end of the rod.The core itself has a shape like a ball.see pic num 2 note.

The megaminx , also has this " Kind" of mechanism(The 'ball', 'ar' ,and caenters part).

Step 4: The Pyramid From Hell!- Mastermorphinx Mechanism

You maybe asked ,why the name is the MASTER morphinx? Avtually , the name is right. This little guy is incredible hard to solve, when it becomes irregular ( if it stays in the shape ,it;s easy to solve , but when it scrambled irregularly , whoa...).What makes its hard to solve actually is , unlike the mirror cube , it has all the same big parts, and can be rotated to anywhere. And, It's use a 3x3 mechanism .(and it is one of those 4 sided puzzle that very hard to solve- and doesn't have any "brother")

Step 5: 8 Sides!-The Turning Face Octahedron Mechanism

This is the last mechanism You must be know , what is the mean of octahedron . the octahedron is a shape that made by 8 traiangle..Maybe you ask , why the turning face. octahedron . Here, you know the pyraminx? It has 3 horizontal layers that can be rotaoted. Now , Each side of this puzzle has a pattern just like a pyraminx does, but, you cant rotate it , based on the horizontal layers ! You only can rotate it diagonally.That's why its called the turning face octahedron..It uses a different mechanism , it uses the ball -like core. The ball is made from pieces that hold together by the outer pieces.. Here is the pic.