Introduction: Pvc "Pocket" Fishing Kit

hey everybody! this is my first instructables so please enjoy.

have you ever been driving down a road or walking through the woods and seen a piece of water you'd love to fish? Well with my new pvc pocket fishing kit you can do just that! its small enough to toss in your car or your backpack so its there when you need or want it most.
so lets get started on showing how its done!

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Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

this is a pretty easy build that doesn't take long at all.
here is what I used.
¤ 3/4 inch pvc pipe
¤ two end caps
¤ Hack saw
¤ sandpaper
¤ electric tape
¤ soldering iron
¤ 550 paracord
¤ fishing line
¤ hooks and sinkers
¤ creativity

Step 2: Lets Get Started.

to start off you need to cut the pipe to what size you want it to be. since the pipe is going to act a the rod and reel its important to make sure you cut the pipe so its most comfortable for you.

while making mine I cut it to about 8 inches long. not only does that give me plenty f room for my hand, it also gives plenty of room for line.

after cutting it I smoothed out the edges with sandpaper. mainly to get all the burrs removed. then a sanded one end. the picture shows the end I sanded. this was to make that end removable. if you do t sand it down it is extremely difficult to get the end off. especially if you need to do it in a pinch.

Step 3: Get a Handle on It

now take on e of the end caps and put a hole or two in it. to do this you ca. use almost anyrhing. I chose to melt two holes into it using a sodering iron. after making the holes make sure to clean them up so the lanyard do get caught on any rough edges.
take your cordage and put the ends through the hole so the knt is on the inside of the end cap. after that you can figure out how big your loop needs to be. once you've don't that tie a simple knot I. it so it won't come undone.
now make sure the loop is big enough, if not just undo the knot and remake it until you get the size you need.

Step 4: Line Up

now is the time to add your fishing line.
You can use whatever kind of line you loke for this.
I used stren stamina 50 pound mono for mine. I used this because there is no actual rod or reel so habing the extra strength is nice. I also put electric tape od the kmow that way the line won't get caught on it while casting.

Step 5: Rig Up

as you can see I have a steel liter, hooks, and sinkers. the steel liter is tied to the line. it will be my main rig. you can use any type of rig you want to. it all depends on qhat type of fishing you'll be doing. the extra hooks and sinkers will be stored inside the body of the kit since it is hollow. you can also store other things in there like lures, extra rigs, extra line, anything you want. so be creative and load it up.

Step 6: Finishing Up

now that you have finished all the others steps it's time to put em all together. if you haven't put uour lanyard cap on yet go ahwad and put all g oyr extra gear inside the pipe and cap it off. if you put a rog on it you can make a small hole in the top cap and use it as a hook holder.
now you have yourself a stow away pocket fishing kit. ho throw it in your day pack or or car.

Step 7: Conclusion

thanks everybody for taking the time to check out my build. if anynody makesbone of there own or has any ideas ease feel free to comment me anout it. and if anynody catches anything with it I'd love to see pictures of your prize!! as soon as I can catch something I will give you guys an update.
also as soon as I can I will put up a video of me casting it.

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